AI Concerns Written by Experts

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In cyber security, a lot of warnings are sent out to the public and they are usually ignored. However, many malicious actions could be conducted by emerging fields like AI. A new 100 page report was published to warn about these evil actions.

A glimpse on the report

The report’s objective is to spot the light on the predicted attacks that could happen by advancements in the field of AI. The report targets the innocent consumers who aren’t prepared to defend their devices and personal information from the predicted attacks. It highlighted also that overusing AI is not recommended, while they should be used only in the case of completing tasks that require a lot of effort, time, and money.

“New attacks may arise through the use of AI systems to complete tasks that would be otherwise impractical for humans. In addition, malicious actors may exploit the vulnerabilities of AI systems deployed by defenders…” and “We believe there is a reason to expect attacks enabled by the growing use of AI to be especially effective, finely targeted, difficult to attribute, and likely to exploit vulnerabilities in AI systems.”

Some Key InfoSec Ares Explored in the Report

The report was a written by a collection of top notch researchers in many reputable universities, companies, and organizations on how significant is considering the harms of AI. The report focused on some aspects that could lead to these harms like the advancements in using bots to collect news and information along with intruding the social media.

AI has two possible uses, a good one and a harmful one. Depending on the driving force, AI could either replace tedious human tasks with simpler and easier ones or be used as a medium for hackers to sneak around your private information. AI could be used by drones to be controlled automatically to deliver explosives, while they could be used in face recognitions tasks easily.

AI Could Be a Political Threat

AI technology is capable of altering the nature of communication between individuals, firms, and states, to a big deal that they are controlled automatically. According to being subject to many misleading ads and fake news, AI could push this trend even further. AI could be controlled by well-funded authoritarian regime to initiate fake news and false content.

The dangers and harms behind AI are far beyond what is mentioned here. The report stated all of the important aspects in dealing with AI with the objective of aiding countermeasures for defense against malicious AI attacks. All in all, the report presents a stand against the possible dangers of AI with discussion of how such defense is possible before it is never too late. The readers are required to read these dangers and threats carefully before their position is too embarrassing to handle.

“Whether AI is, all things considered, helpful or harmful in the long run is largely a product of what humans choose to do, not the technology itself…”

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