A new fake WhatsApp version that threats Android users


A new fake WhatsApp version that threats Android users

A new fake version of WhatsApp is being promoted at many campaigns called WhatsApp plus, and it is emerging. Shockingly, the creator of malware figured out how to post a remark on cybersecurity blog. It was sufficient for scientists to burrow further what this noxious application stows away. It appears that it may be utilized for taking individual data.

fake WhatsApp versionThe investigation has demonstrated that it’s another adaptation WhatsApp ransomware which was distinguished last year. The digital danger is recognized as Android/PUP.Riskware.Wtaspin.GB yet has a few curiosities contrasted and the past variant.

Notwithstanding, the dispersion strategy for this variation of WhatsApp virus is very intriguing. A client named Amar Srivastava composed a remark on a cybersecurity blog with a dynamic download connect:

nowadays WhatsApp is one the most popular messaging app on internet but I will prefer WhatsApp plus download for users because it has lots of features than WhatsApp

The deceptive features promoted by the new app

To investigate the app properly, the researchers downloaded the application from the connection incorporated into the spam remark. Following application establishment, the malware shows a silly deception telling that application is obsolete. The phony WhatsApp offers to download a refresh from the Google Play Store or accelerate the strategy and tap on a green “Download” catch on a similar screen.

Obviously, nobody has sufficient energy to search up for the application on the Store. Be that as it may, tapping the “Download” catch prompts the Arabic site brimming with promotions. In the wake of avoiding those forceful pop-ups, potential casualties should see the site that has a place with a designer called Abu clarifies what is WhatsApp Plus and offers to download it.

The fake WhatsApp download website has a description that glorifies the fake extra usefulness, for example, having the capacity to send more than 100 pictures to contacts, adjust security settings or conceal the way that you got or read the message. It’s a given that such usefulness is inaccessible.

The threats of this app

Just like any other app, this fake version requires verifying your phone number. After that, you will see a list of all the updates and features that are installed for you to confirm, then you will see the app working.

Normally, you will try to benefit from these features and start chatting with your friends, but this fake app starts to steal your information just like other spyware.

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