History Button adware virus – How to remove? (Uninstall)

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Get rid of History Button virus

What is History Button virus?

We have heard about many apps that are capable of advancing the web surfing speed by enhancing the reachablity of the browsing history to the extent that we might sometimes believe that these ads are true. History Button is one of those viruses that invades your system without consent to steal your private information under the umbrella of it being a novel application.

Upon invading your system without agreement, History Button starts popping up some fake ads frequently that lowers the performance of your computer and browser. These ads might redirect you to many dangerous websites that could install a lot of malware on your system. The tool starts collecting your IP address, browsing history, search queries, etc. Moreover, it is capable of collecting some of your personal information like credit card information and so on and share them with other third parties to benefit financially from such theft by selling these info to third parties, which could cause a lot of harm.

Get rid of History Button adware virus

Hackers now plant these fake apps to transfer their virus to your computer in a very sneaky way that you might not discover it. As they are very smart, they deliver to you seductive banners holding pornography and other persuasive offers to make you click on them. Once you click on them, you get redirected to malicious websites that infect your computer with a virus that is capable of stealing your personal and private information in compensation of money. So remove any awkward application that you have to stay safe.

How did History Button virus get installed on my computer?

As we have mentioned earlier, hackers became smart enough to target a group of people who agree on anything and any conditions when downloading any app or software update, making the users vulnerable to have their computers infected with viruses. Although you agree on many conditions, such virus invasion is considered to be without consent and it starts its invasion process once installed on your computer, so check if you have downloaded any non-authentic app and uninstall it right away.

How to get rid of and remove History Button virus?

Removing a virus after it took its time is very tiresome process and could lead to a lot of damage, so it is better to careful from the first place and check what you are downloading and uninstall any unwanted app. Whenever you find yourself receiving a lot of fake ads and you felt any web browsing change, check all of your apps and uninstall what you find dubious and unwanted. By this way, removal is easier than waiting for more damage to happen by third parties.

Despite the fact that this virus History Button is very malicious, it can be eliminated totally from your PC via manual or automatic removal. You can remove the virus manually only if you are experienced enough to do so as you might risk its recurrence. In this process, virus can get removed but need lots of knowledge and experience. On the other hand, a more safe method is to remove it by the aid of a software to guarantee to terminate this threat.

History Button Option A: Advanced system software is recommended to uninstall History Button from your PC.  Free scanner allows you to check whether your PC is infected or not.


download adcanced system repair
We recommend Advanced system program to remove virus History Button from your computer.

Option B: Remove History Button Manually (Risky & Complicated) For Technical Geeks only!

Steps To Remove History Button Manually

Windows 10 Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome

Click Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features

Select  suspicious program, and select "Uninstall" a Program.

Remove dangerous add-ons Open Internet Explorer, click on (IE menu) Gear icon,  the top right corner of the browser, then choose Manage Add-ons.

You will see a Manage Add-ons window. On that page look for suspicious plugin, select it, disable these entries by clicking Disable:

Change your homepage Url if it was altered by virus: Click "Apply" to save settings changes.

Reset Internet Explorer Click on the gear icon (menu) again and select Internet options. Go to "Advanced" tab, then select Reset.In the new window, select "Delete personal settings", and Click Reset. This action will remove History Button on Internet Explorer.

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To get Mozilla Firefox back to normal after got hijacked, use the following instructions:

First Remove suspicious extensions: Open Mozilla Firefox, then click the menu icon, and select "Add-ons" Extensions.

On meniu press on unwanted "add-ons" and select "Remove option". Repeat the same steps on other suspicious "add-ons"Click "Remove" to delete History Button


Change your homepage if it was affected by virus: Click on the menu (top right corner), select "Help" tab and then press on "Troubleshooting information" and new window will appear.Then select "Refresh Firefox" and popup will show up. Finally press on "Refresh Firefox"


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Use the guide below to remove suspicious malware from Chrome.

Delete suspicious plugins Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon, and select "More Tools" Click "Extensions".Select History Button file and other suspicious plugins, Press "Remove" button to delete these entries.

Change your homepage Url, and default search engine if it was affected by History Button .Click on "Settings" icon on the right corner, then press "Settings" tab on appeared window, select "On Startup" tab. Then you will see Chrome startup link, select and delete it.

Now press settings, then click "Advanced" select "Reset and clean up" and pick first option "Restore settings to their original default" and popup will show up - Click "Reset settings"Your Chrome browser now startup fresh.

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