rack-search.com virus – How to remove? (Uninstall)

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Get rid of rack-search.com redirect virus

What is rack-search.com redirect?

As one of the fake internet search engines, rack-search.com mentions that it is capable of boosting web surfing via advancing the search results. Such deception makes the users believe that rack-search.com is an authorized search engine. However, it is intentionally made to track your browsing activity. Such sites are usually visited by redirecting the users via fake advertisements. One other possibility of visiting these sites are PUPs, which are capable of intruding your device without consent and also running undesired processes in the background.

Just after the invasion of your device, it starts intruding your browser. No wonder, all of the most used browsers are intruded by many cyber criminals to make rack-search.com the default engine, which again deceives the users to be legitimate. Some malicious scripts are written by the developers of rack-search.com to prevent you from restoring your previous settings. Accordingly, the users do not have any option but using rack-search.com as the search engine and they start accepting the situation. rack-search.com starts collecting your IP address, browsing history, search queries, etc. Moreover, it is capable of collecting some of your personal information like credit card information and so on and share them with other third parties to benefit financially from such theft. So cyber criminals start using these information against you to gain some fees as a means of theft or use your activity for mining cryptocurrency. Another thing worth to consider is that it can redirect you to other fake engines and sites that are waiting to cause you even more damage. That is why we recommend all of the users to immediately remove rack-search.com and stop using its search engine right away since it holds many threats like selling your private information to third parties for money, which could cause a lot of harm.

How did rack-search.com get installed on my computer?

Developers are smart enough nowadays to use the method packing to transfer their virus. Packing is simply putting a virus in a package with an application that seems effective to many users. Once the users download the package, they automatically download the virus as well. The virus starts giving random pop ups to the user, and if clicked on, the users get redirected to some websites that downloads more viruses on the PC, stealing the private information of the users.

How to get rid of (Uninstall) and remove rack-search.com?

Check the download steps carefully and do not follow the recommended settings blindly. Do not be careless and regret it later when you find difficulty in uninstalling the virus. The bright side is that we offer you many options and programs to uninstall it. Remove all of the apps that were downloaded from unknown sources because developers use them as a medium to transfer their viruses. Check your apps and if you find out any app that you did not download intentionally, uninstall it right away.


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