ShutDownTime – How to remove? (Uninstall)

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Get rid of ShutDownTime virus

What is ShutDownTime virus?

ShutDownTime is an app that is advertised with the ability to enhance your web browsing experience and PC speed as it accesses more than a proxy server and gives you privilege over other users. ShutDownTime is a harmful tool and a virus that is intended to ruin your web browsing experience and access your private information without your agreement. Once you download ShutDownTime and it gets installed on your computer, it starts doing its stealthy actions. First, it starts popping some fake ads and banners which demolish your web surfing performance. Clicking on these ads is a very dangerous move as they are intended to redirect you to viruses websites that install more viruses on your computer without your agreement or consent. ShutDownTime hunts your computer in steps, where it can, later on, start accessing your saved passwords and credit card information saved on your browser.


The developers of ShutDownTime made it capable of invading any of the used browsers today so that it will get your private information. The developers can later sell your phone number, email, or any contact information to third parties as a method to make some illegal profit for advertising without even asking for your permission. Besides selling your private information, the developers of ShutDownTime can ask you for money in exchange for your information where they sell your private and personal information to you. The ads that ShutDownTime virus pop up are mostly related to discounts, vouchers, or sales where they work on the weak spots of the users and make them feel they have privilege over others. They might also pop up banners for adult dating and pornography to persuade a lot of users to click on them. All in all, they attract you to click on some of the unwanted ads to steal your information and advertise to you some suspicious offers and packages that could harm your PC farther.

How did ShutDownTime get installed on your computer?

There are two ways ShutDownTime can get installed on your computer. First, you could be convinced that it makes you access the internet faster than ever and believe the fake ads that are posted on the internet. Second, you can download it while downloading any other app from a nonauthentic site. This method is called bundling, and it is used by hackers to inject the virus in your computer and make it difficult for you to uninstall it. They stack the virus with any other app that is known to be authentic, and you skip all of the download steps, not noticing that you are downloading ShutDownTime. Sometimes also ShutDownTime is written to be from the “recommended settings” and the users download it blindly.

How to get rid of (Uninstall) and remove ShutDownTime?

Do not use nonauthentic websites to download your apps later on and make sure that you don’t get deceived by fake ads and do not click on anything that seems persuasive to you. Remove all the unwanted apps on your computer and uninstall ShutDownTime right away. If you did not succeed to clean up the virus, then you should try our program designed to uninstall ShutDownTime

Despite the fact that this virus ShutDownTime virus is very malicious, it can be eliminated totally from your PC via manual or automatic removal. You can remove the virus manually only if you are experienced enough to do so as you might risk its recurrence. In this process, virus can get removed but need lots of knowledge and experience. On the other hand, a more safe method is to remove it by the aid of a software to guarantee to terminate this threat.

ShutDownTime virus Option A: Advanced system software is recommended to uninstall ShutDownTime virus from your PC.  Free scanner allows you to check whether your PC is infected or not.


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We recommend Advanced system program to remove virus ShutDownTime virus from your computer.

Option B: Remove ShutDownTime virus Manually (Risky & Complicated) For Technical Geeks only!

Steps To Remove ShutDownTime virus Manually

Windows 10 Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome

Click Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features

Select  suspicious program, and select "Uninstall" a Program.

Remove dangerous add-ons Open Internet Explorer, click on (IE menu) Gear icon,  the top right corner of the browser, then choose Manage Add-ons.

You will see a Manage Add-ons window. On that page look for suspicious plugin, select it, disable these entries by clicking Disable:

Change your homepage Url if it was altered by virus: Click "Apply" to save settings changes.

Reset Internet Explorer Click on the gear icon (menu) again and select Internet options. Go to "Advanced" tab, then select Reset.In the new window, select "Delete personal settings", and Click Reset. This action will remove ShutDownTime virus on Internet Explorer.

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To get Mozilla Firefox back to normal after got hijacked, use the following instructions:

First Remove suspicious extensions: Open Mozilla Firefox, then click the menu icon, and select "Add-ons" Extensions.

On meniu press on unwanted "add-ons" and select "Remove option". Repeat the same steps on other suspicious "add-ons"Click "Remove" to delete ShutDownTime virus


Change your homepage if it was affected by virus: Click on the menu (top right corner), select "Help" tab and then press on "Troubleshooting information" and new window will appear.Then select "Refresh Firefox" and popup will show up. Finally press on "Refresh Firefox"


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Use the guide below to remove suspicious malware from Chrome.

Delete suspicious plugins Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon, and select "More Tools" Click "Extensions".Select ShutDownTime virus file and other suspicious plugins, Press "Remove" button to delete these entries.

Change your homepage Url, and default search engine if it was affected by ShutDownTime virus.Click on "Settings" icon on the right corner, then press "Settings" tab on appeared window, select "On Startup" tab. Then you will see Chrome startup link, select and delete it.

Now press settings, then click "Advanced" select "Reset and clean up" and pick first option "Restore settings to their original default" and popup will show up - Click "Reset settings"Your Chrome browser now startup fresh.

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